April 15, 2014
It is an honor to be playing at the Real Phonic Radio Hour on May 15th.  I'll be joined on stage with upright bass player Nicholas Gaudette, and a special guest for a song as well! More information to follow as the details are being confirmed....Mark your calendars now for Thursday May 15th. This is a beautiful venue and an excellent show.. 

Also, I'll be playing a brunch set this Sunday April 20th (Easter) at Hells Kitchen -  interesting match of venue and holiday, but great food and music nonetheless! 

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Show info:
April 20 Solo show: Hells Kitchen brunch / 10 - 1 p.m. / Free! 
May 15 Solo show: James J Hill Library / 8 p.m. /  More info to follow / $15 with food shelf donation
May 23 Full band show: Icehouse / with Mississippi Peace / 11 pm



1. Hard to Please (3:25)
2. Resonate (4:38)
3. A Melody... (4:46)
4. Another Day (3:08)
5. Toni Gallo (2:24)
6. All I Need (2:13)
7. Defeated (4:37)
8. Feeling that Defines (1:30)
9. You Ask Me (3:44)
10. A Light in Me (9:07)

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molly dean resonate Resonate 


All Photos of Molly:
Photographer is Elli Rader

Stylist is Pamela Cariveau


Nature photos by Molly Dean

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