November, 2014
Check out the new shows on the books! See below... 

New record(s) info: The first is a Molly dean acoustic, full band collection of songs recorded at the Terrarium this past June, set to be mixed at Bellows Studio with my producer, Dave Simonett.  And the second record is my other half, Moon and Pollution, a project with myself and Graham O'Brien - producer electronic, trip-hop, haunting, heavy beat focued music.  We are working hard to get this project released this Winter as well... It is going to be a busy 2015! 

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Show info:
Friday November 21 / Patricks Cabaret / 8 p.m. show starts  
Wednesday December 3 / Indeed Brewery, NE Mpls. / 5:30 p.m. / Fundraiser for the Cedar Cultural Center  
Friday December 5 / Hells Kitchen / 5 - 8 p.m.  
Friday December 12 / Aster Cafe / 9 - 11 p.m. / Holiday Shindig with Mother Banjo, Ben Cook-Feltz, Natalie Lovejoy, and others! / $10 cover all proceeds donated to Kill Kancer (  



1. Hard to Please (3:25)
2. Resonate (4:38)
3. A Melody... (4:46)
4. Another Day (3:08)
5. Toni Gallo (2:24)
6. All I Need (2:13)
7. Defeated (4:37)
8. Feeling that Defines (1:30)
9. You Ask Me (3:44)
10. A Light in Me (9:07)

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molly dean resonate Resonate 


All Photos of Molly:
Photographer is Elli Rader

Stylist is Pamela Cariveau


Nature photos by Molly Dean

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