April 2015
Great news on the Moon & Pollution side!  We are opening for Young Fathers, who won the prestegious 'Mercury Award' for best album of 2014 in the UK.  We have had great press rolling in for the release of our debut album, The Box Borealis, as well.  Follow these links to read a few reviews:
Dancing About Architecture  (UK)
The Equal Ground
Rift Magazine

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Show info:
Friday May 1 / Molly dean acoustic / Hells Kitchen / 5 - 8 pm / Free  
Saturday May 9 / Moon & Pollution / opening for Young Fathers / 7th Street Entry  

molly dean resonate

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1. Hard to Please 
2. Resonate 
3. A Melody... 
4. Another Day 
5. Toni Gallo 
6. All I Need 
7. Defeated 
8. Feeling that Defines 
9. You Ask Me 
10. A Light in Me 

Moon and Pollution
1. The Box Borealis
2. Moving Scene
3. Moon and Pollution
4. The Magnetic North
5. Darkroom Double
6. Solace Sandwich
7. I know...
8. I Didn't Look
9. Alter Eagle
10. The Lonely Quiet

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All Photos of Molly:
Photographer is Elli Rader

Stylist is Pamela Cariveau


Nature photos by Molly Dean

Copyright Molly Dean 2015