The Box Borealis

Moon & Pollution


Moon and Pollution is the new electronic pop duo combining singer Molly Dean’s haunting, operatic vocals with producer Graham O’Brien’s (No Bird Sing) hard-hitting beats and rich, melodic textures. M&P debuted at the Bayfront Festival where Slug of Atmosphere asked them to play after hearing an unreleased track. Shortly thereafter, their song Alter Eagle was featured on the Season 4 premiere of MTV’s Teen Wolf. Moon and Pollution’s debut album The Box Borealis (F I X) will be released on January 27th, 2015.

“...beautiful and intriguing...” - The Listener’s Guild

“Entrancing...” - Andrea Swensson, 89.3 The Current
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* Molly Dean 'Resonate'

'Resonate' was released in 2005.  Click on the photo to listen and purchase if you please.

'Resonate' was released in 2005. Click on the photo to listen and purchase if you please.

An excerpt from a live show review, after the release of 'Resonate.'

..We’re still chatting when Molly Dean shows up, situates herself onstage with her guitar, and goes to work. Both of us pipe down and listen. Dean, to be certain, is gifted. She has a strong, bright voice, writes airy, engaging melodies and has sure, understated stage presence. It’s a joy to sit there and, instead of scribbling notes for a review, simply be in the audience and take in Molly Dean’s considerable talent. She is, by the way, a fine lyricist. Take “A Melody” from her second CD Resonate (the first, Honey Collector, is out of print). “It’s that time again/ Time to make a change/ A look in the mirror/ reflects how long it has been/ since you’ve built up the courage/ to give it a try/ After all your excuses are only/ Words bled dry/ Words bled dry.”

-TC Daily Planet